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Win Free UA Cam Highlight Cleats


Under Armour Cam Highlight Cleats

Panthers quarterback Cam Newton turned 24 this past weekend, and to celebrate this milestone, we’re giving away a pair of his Under Armour Cam Highlight Cleats, the signature kicks Newton rocked last season. The cleats have an Under Armour Compfit Sleeve designed specifically for a quarterback with the strength of a linebacker and speed of a receiver, carbon fiber wings meant to lock in your foot and a 3-D molded tongue to give you a custom fit.

We want to hook you up with a free pair of these cleats. So, how do you win?

Simple: Let us know in the comment section below what you’ll be doing this summer to improve on the field and prepare for the fall, when football season returns and all is right with the world once again. Tell us your goals, plans, objectives and whatever else and end your comment with #IWILL—then follow @UnderArmour and @TDdaily on Twitter.

We’ll keep you updated on the contest, then select our favorite answer and hit the winner with some free cleats. Be sure to include your real info when you comment so we can reach out to get your size/address.

Good luck!

  • Jasper Sarong

    I am planning to join the Football Varsity in our University. I need to train and push myself everyday to the limit. I will endure each and every challenges. I will do everything what it takes to improve my game. I will dominate. #IWILL

  • cooper

    I play both lacrosse and basketball daily. This summer my day starts with heading to the gym to lift, followed by a basketball workout, and lacrosse scrimmages after lunch.

  • cooper


  • Seth

    Running (intervals and long distance) and lifting weights in preparation for fall. #IWILL

  • Eric Granado

    I will be leaving my family at home for the summer to get better with the family that I play with on Saturdays. #IWILL

  • Trevor Roe

    Ok, I need and really want these Cam Highlights! My name is Trevor Roe and I am the Tight End for Humboldt State University. We have no sponsor so I would really benefit from the cleats. My goals include being an all conference player, attaining my bachelor’s degree and possibly making it to the next level. I spent this off season training with professional athlete’s OG Nwagbuo of the Detroit Lions and Shaun Phillips of the Denver Broncos.. With training with these guys I learned the attention to detail and constant work ethic it takes to get to the next level and I believe the Cam Highlights represent all that. It takes a real athlete to realize the detail that went into designing the shoe specifically for football and I believe that the high top cut and light weight of the shoe will increase my on the field performance. The uniquely high cut of the Cam’s will enable me to feel comfortable making the devastating cuts it takes to be a top athlete. The light weight carbon fiber of the shoe will increase my speed and quickness off the line and out of my breaks and hopefully this translates to getting open and producing numbers! This summer I will be continuing the work ethic I have learned from the professionals by putting in multiple work outs a day. My schedule with OG consisted of waking up at 5am to meet at SDSU’S practice field at 6am for conditioning and agility where I could rock the Cam Highlights. We later would hit the weight room in the afternoon followed by pick up games of basketball. If 3 workouts in a day weren’t enough I also like to fit in yoga and specific route work on my own time. I plan to continue and instill this work ethic over summer with my teammates at Humboldt by maintaining this schedule on top of our team practices. I would greatly appreciate and benefit from the cleats as mine become thrashed from trying to reach my potential. Please hook it up and help me produce in style! #IWILL — Facebook; Trevor Roe, Instagram; TRoe44, Twitter; TRoe44

  • Guest

    Lift a lot. to push my self to the next level. I’m gonna do agility drills a lot and increase my explosiveness in the gym.

  • Eric Chan

    I will lift hard and do a lot of agility to increase my explosiveness and stamina. I am an ILB at my highschool. I will also be watching a lot of film to improve myself on the field

  • casey r

    i am typing this on a stolen computer

  • BigGucciRoblin300

    im typing this on a stolen computer

  • curtis206

    I will be working out at the gym and finding the right food to eat to max out my talent.

  • Shamar Alston

    Already doubted #IWill look my opponent in the face to see fear in the eyes, the same eyes that scowled and rediuled my eyes. #IWILL work hardest to make sure my grind is better than anyone else. #IWILL remember that anything that isn’t made of pigskin is.a distraction. #IWILL gn thf anyone who slept on the grind. #IWILL conquer, I’ll rise.
    Twitter-@divmondzxgrillz IG-@shamaralston FB-Shamar Alston.

  • ceasar

    i will be play foot ball for my school i do not have cleats i use runing shose i think thses cleats will help me in prove a lot

  • Isaac Wood 36

    To Get these cleats would mean the world to me. My name is Isaac Wood and I am a Linebacker for Bellevue Christian High school. I am only a freshman so I have a long road ahead of me. My Goals are to make the Varsity team as a freshman, and to come in the top 3 in tackles for my team. However my goal stretch past the football field and into the classroom. My Eighth grade year was not my best in terms of grades in some key classes. So my goals for this next year in school is to get at least a 3.8 GPA or better. To achieve these goals on and off the field it will take hard work and dedication. My Goal of Making varsity freshman year will require me to think of the weight room as my “second Home”. Lifting, running, agility ladders, whatever it takes to get myself in shape to compete with taller and heavier guys. I also live on the lake so I will be out swimming to build endurance and stamina. My routine for the summer is: Wake up at 5:00 and swim 2 miles ( My dad is trailing me in our boat). Then go to the school and hit the weight room. 1st is clean- and- jerks, 10 rounds of 15 reps at 105 lb’s to build that all important explosion in the hips. Then shoulder presses again 10 sets of 15 reps. Then run a mile and come back and come back and do a cross- fit style workout. And finally break for lunch. After lunch I would go to Cross-fit Amped and do another Cross-fit style workout. I hope to do all this on top of team scrimmages and practices. I am not the only one on this regiment, all the freshmen guys have created a strong bond and are determined to all make the varsity team and have the largest freshmen percentage on the team in school history. These cleats will give me the necessary cutting ability and speed to keep up the speedy Wide outs and physical Tight ends. The high-top design will give me the stability and ankle strength that is key when you meet a big Half back in the hole. Not to mention these cleats are sick! The style trumps all the others. Overall these Cleats will allow me to reach my full potential where other cleats fall short. These cleats are once of a life time and I hope you will see that I am a worthy recipient. I greatly appreciate this offer and all that you do for the sports world. You can hit me on twitter @isaacwood36 on Facebook: Isaac Wood and on instagram:@Truthintheredletters Thank You Guys so much. You Know #IWILL.

  • jelani warner

    I hope I’m not to late I’ve been trying to get these cleats Just bought UA glove s to go with it on my birthday and didn’t get the cleats but im trying. This summer I want ato come back next session as a running back and get some were in college some where. I lost 20 pounds so far and have been trying hard my goal is to go to Georgia university. #IWILL give it my all.

  • Caleb Anderson

    I’m a sophomore going into my junior year. I play Tight-End for my football team and Midfield for Lacrosse. I’m practicing every single day so that I can dominate on the lacrosse field with my team. Just as I am doing now, I will push myself harder than I ever have to become bigger, faster, and stronger. I run five miles a day plus the running I get from Lacrosse practice and running routes and catching passes which I do daily following wieght lifting. I’m lifting and eating everyday so that I may get a black shirt which is the highest possible level weight maxes you can have. #I WILL be on varsity playing tight end next year. And #I WILL do everything it takes in my power, never taking a day or a play off, to help my team to win state for the first time this year. #I WILL run everyday and make my 40 yard dash time faster and be faster than my oppents.#I WILL catch over a hundered passes a day to ensure that I catch every ball that is thrown to me. I have a lot of doubters but doesn’t matter. 2 Chronicles 15:7 “Keep trying. Don’t give up. God will reward you for all of your hard work.” Everyday I read this Bible verse to keep myself motivated. I see the kids who are 6 ft 5 in who don’t put any work in and are naturally talented. This just makes me work harder. The same way that Tom Brady, Cam Newton, Russel WIlson, Colin Kaepernick, and many other athletes have done, I will overcome the adversity. I man’s strength is measered not when he is in a comfortable situation, but when the pressure is on him. I am not daunted by the challenges ahead of me. I will push myself and become one of the greatest of all time. I would really love these Cam’s because my family is struggling with money and I could really use some new cleats. I would particularly love these. Thank you for your consideration.#I WILL

  • kenneth

    My name is Kenneth and I play for manatee and will be entering my junior year next year. I really need these cleats I have a full membership to anytime fitness to build up my and help out with other tasks at hand to help our team to win I will be the quarterback next year

  • Brendan

    Running Back to help cut and win I am In Love with these cleats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!