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Throwback Thursday: Saints vs. Falcons TNF


There’s a popular belief—backed up by countless songs and YouTube videos—that all athletes want to be rappers and all rappers want to be athletes. It’s true: The worlds of sport and hip-hop often collide. And during the late ’90s and early ’00s, throwback football jerseys were the norm in urban fashion. You couldn’t turn on MTV or BET without seeing the biggest rap acts in the world smothering your television screen with classic Mitchell & Ness throwbacks or unis from the NFL’s most popular players of the era. With that in mind, TDdaily will break down one such video per week as part of our #ThrowbackJerseyThursday series.

What do these two videos have in common, besides being awesome? Well, outside of two giant hip-hop moguls being severely out-rapped by their more talented counterparts, not much. But with the Saints and Falcons set to kickoff tonight around 8:30, it’s only right to bring you a Throwback Jersey Thursday featuring hip-hop artists who rep their respective cities to the fullest.

First up we have Bryan Williams a.k.a. Birdman a.k.a. Baby—who is largely responsible for the Cash Money Records/YMCMB empire and the insane ascent of Lil’ Wayne. Birdman has a strange enfautaion with birds (obviously) as seen front and center throughout the “What Happened to that Boy” video. While chillin’ with the block, a group of doves fly in front of Birdman adding to the majesty of the New Orleans Saints Buford Jordan throwback jersey he is wearing. Why does Birdman love birds so much? I’m not positive, but what I can assure you with certainty is that Birdman loves his hometown Saints, for only a true fan would know who the hell Buford Jordan is and honor him in such a way.

Birdman also showed love to more a more contemporary Saints running back by donning a Deuce McAllister away jersey, though he may need to talk some sense into Weezy, who is rockin’ a Hawks jacket.

In the “Welcome to Atlanta” video, both Jermaine Dupri and Ludacris show love to former Falcons quarterbacks Steve Bartkowski and Mike Vick.

While both jerseys are worthy of throwback lore, let’s be real here, Birdman came WAY harder with the Buford Jordan jersey. Birdman is clearly the more knowledgeable fan and showed way more appreciation to his hometown by paying homage to a Saints player who flew under the radar (or something like that).


“Watch the game tonight, playboy.”

Peter Walsh is an Editorial Assistant for TD Magazine and SLAM Magazine and Throwback Jersey expert. Follow him @goinginsquad.