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Throwback Thursday: Pusha T x ‘White Shoes’


There’s a popular belief—backed up by countless songs and YouTube videos—that all athletes want to be rappers and all rappers want to be athletes. It’s true: The worlds of sport and hip-hop often collide. And during the late ’90s and early ’00s, throwback football jerseys were the norm in urban fashion. You couldn’t turn on MTV or BET without seeing the biggest rap acts in the world smothering your television screen with classic Mitchell & Ness throwbacks or unis from the NFL’s most popular players of the era. With that in mind, TDdaily will break down one such video per week as part of our #ThrowbackJerseyThursday series.

E-40 and the Clipse 2003 video for the single “Quarterbackin’” might very well hold the record for most throwback jerseys featured in one video. In damn near every single frame, a throwback jersey is prominently featured, some obvious (E-40 rockin’ a Boomer Esiason Bengals #7 jersey) and others obscure (Malice with the Louisiana Tech Terry Bradshaw jersey). It’s enough to make a throwback jersey enthusiast salivate and go digging for jerseys they pine for but can’t seem to find.

The always-impressive Pusha T holds down the last verse of the song (2:10 mark) while wearing a sleek 1983 Billy ‘White Shoes’ Johnson Atlanta Falcons throwback (priced at $229.99 here).

At 5-9, Johnson was a tremendous return specialist and wide receiver for the Oilers and Falcons before retiring in ’87 (he un-retired and played one game for the Redskins in ’88). The elusive return man was named the ’75 Pro Bowl MVP, the ’83 Comeback Player of the Year, is a member of the ’80s All-Decade Team, the NFL 75th Anniversary All-Time Team, a 3x Pro Bowl selection (’75, ’77, ’83) and 3x All-Pro selection (’75, ’77, ’83).

Johnson was known not only for his speed and return skills but also for his fashion choices (white shoes) and incredible dance moves. For everything ‘White Shoes’—including more than a few highlights of his rug-cutting gyrations—peep the video below:

While there’s a chance the Virginia Beach representative Pusha T is a Falcons fan, the decision to wear the Johnson jersey is probably more of a fashion choice than anything else. Regardless, the “Quarterbackin’” video is a perfect precursor to take you into Championship weekend. With E-40 a Bay Area legend who performed at halftime of last week’s Niners/Packers game and Push reppin the Falcons, “Quarterbackin” was ahead of its time foreshadowing this weekend’s NFC Championship matchup.

Tell us below whether you think E-40′s Niners or Pusha T’s Falcons will win this weekend and head to the Super Bowl.

Peter Walsh is an Editorial Assistant for TD Magazine and SLAM Magazine and Throwback Jersey expert. Follow him @goinginsquad.