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Super Bowl XLVII Celebrity Picks


The Big Game is on the way—in about 48 hours, we’ll all be downing nachos and adult beverages as kickoff approaches. The only question left to answer is which team will hoist the Lombardi Trophy when it’s all over. And, since we’ve already given you our staff predictions, it’s time to let some of our friends give theirs. Except, these names you might recognize from other walks of life. Meet our celebrity guest prognosticators—from the worlds of music, sports, pop culture and elsewhere. Between our staff and our celebrities, someone has to get it right—right?

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Nikki Leigh, Playboy Playmate: 49ers over Ravens

“If you would have asked me this in the beginning of the playoffs, the 49ers wouldn’t have been my choice to win. But now, definitely the 49ers. They have the most momentum! I mean, they beat the Falcons last game. Plus no one knows how to read Niners’ QB (Kaepernick) because there is no tape…he is green.”

numberFire, Sports Analytics Nerds: 49ers 25, Ravens 22

“The Ravens have vastly improved on offense since Jim Caldwell took over, mostly thanks to Joe Flacco limiting turnovers. Baltimore ranks No. 13 in the NFL after adjusting for strength of opposing defenses, but compare that to the 49er’s No. 7 opponent-adjusted attack. Colin Kaepernick and Frank Gore have been downright dominant on the ground this year and rank No. 1 in the NFL. San Francisco added 55 points above what a league-average offense would score if put in similar situations, which is 10 more points than the Redskins, who ranked second. The key matchup will be between this dynamic Niners running game and Ray Lewis and the Ravens run defense; Kaepernick finished with a 49.2 percent run success rate (the percentage of plays where he performed above league-average) and Frank Gore finished third in the same statistic among all running backs with at least 200 carries (37.9 percent).”

Anthony Adams, Former Bears DT: Ravens 27, 49ers 24

“Although I am biased, considering the 49ers drafted me, the Ravens will get this win for Ray Lewis. The stars have been aligning for him this season (think about it). The new Injured Reserved rule had him come back in time for the playoffs, he announced his retirement, and they beat Denver in a comeback 2-overtime win behind his 17 tackles. Then, after the 2OT win, he had 14 tackles against New England. The Ravens go up against the hottest rookie and two of the best QBs in the game and they won on the road! They will want to send Ray off right and play inspired ball. —Spice”

Lizz Robbins, Social Media Analyst: Ravens 17, 49ers 14

“My Super Bowl prediction, I’m going with the Baltimore Ravens. I think it will be a tight defensive game, with the Ravens having the edge, especially the motivational edge.”

Lil B, Bay Area Rapper: 49ers over Ravens

“I’m going with the 49ers right now because of the break-through offense and the running QB. Ravens have some vet defense and a great QB. This will be Randy Moss against the veteran Ray Lewis to test who really wants it.”

John Starks, Former NY Knicks Guard: Ravens over 49ers

“I put it like this—my gut tells me Ravens. But my head tells me San Francisco. Normally when I go against my gut, I end up going the wrong way. So I’m going to go with my gut and say Ravens. I really like Ray Lewis, so I would like for him to go out on top. I’m an AFC man, a big Pittsburgh Steelers fan.”

Rick Barry, NBA Legend: 49ers over Ravens

“I’m going to root for the 49ers. They’re in my backyard here, I’ve lived here and been a part of the Bay Area for so many years. Certainly the Ray Lewis story is an intriguing one and would be an unbelievable way for Ray to go out, to win the Super Bowl, it would ber a great climax to an amazing career. That being said, I’m still going with the 49ers…They have an outstanding defense, and defense is what really helps you to win championships  whether it’s football or basketball—you have to be one of the better defensive teams to have a chance to win. They’ve got the running game going. It’s quite a story there with the Big K. The way he runs, he’s got an amazing stride. He’s almost like a bigger version of Johnny Football.”

Damian Lillard, Portland Trail Blazers: 49ers over Ravens

“Because if somebody that’s not the Oakland Raiders is gonna win, I’ll root for the other team from the Bay Area to win.”

JJ Redick, Orlando Magic Guard: 49ers 21, Ravens 17

“I’m going to go with the 49ers, 21-17. I think the 49ers are a better team, the NFC is a tougher division, and you know I don’t think I believe in storybook endings. The Ray Lewis thing is amazing for him, for him, I’m not really a Ray Lewis fan, and I’ve never really been a Ravens fan.”

Kyle O’Quinn, Orlando Magic Forward: Ravens over 49ers

“There’s a study going around saying that all black people are saying the Ravens, and all white people are saying the 49ers. I’m going with the Ravens. I’m black. It will be nice to see Ray Lewis go out on top.”

Brad Smith, Bills WR: Ravens 31, 49ers 17

“Oh, man. I hate predictions. I’ll go with the Ravens, 31-17. They want to send out Ray Lewis right. They’re going to play motivated. I’m sure San Fran will, too, but they got that little extra edge when you got something like that going on so I think they’ll play very inspired.”

Jamal Lewis, Former Ravens RB: Ravens over 49ers

“I got the Ravens, no doubt. I think it’ll be a close score. It’s going to come down to a three-point call game. Come down to a field goal. Both teams match up very well. I think they’ll go tit for tat. You got a player in Ray Lewis that is on his way out and wants a Super Bowl and everybody wants him to get it. And then on the other side, you have a team that’s been trying, they’ve been building and they made it there. I think that aside from the X’s and O’s, they match up very well. It’s just who wants it more.”

Slim Thug, Houston Rapper: Ravens over 49ers

“I don’t think they’ll let Ray Lewis go out without a Super Bowl win.”

Chris Andersen, Miami Heat Center: Ravens over 49ers

“I’d have to go with the birds, the Ravens. Because Ray Lewis is a nightmare on the defensive field, and I like to think myself the same. So I’d definitely have to with the defense because defense wins championships. I haven’t been paying attention to the football this season. So I just went with a guess. I’m going with the Ravens—birds of a feather flock together.”

Bun B, Houston Rapper: 49ers 31, Ravens 24

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