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@Revis24 vs. @RSherman_25: Twitter Showdown


Darrelle Revis’ leg may not be healthy enough to play, but it appears his fingers are doing just fine! The four time Pro Bowler took to Twitter yesterday, engaging in a PG-13 virtual pillow fight with Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman. The rebuttal came after months of boasts from the second year player out of Stanford claiming he has already surpassed Revis as the league’s premier defensive back.

Revis, sidelined since Week 3 of the 2012 season, got things started by accusing Sherman of “running his mouth like a girl” and “steady putting my name in your mouth for notoriety”. He also pointed out that his business manager has more Twitter followers than Sherman, and reminded him that Roddy White, who burned him in a playoff loss, was his “real competition”.

Sherman, who had just gotten off a flight, claimed he didn’t need Revis’ name, and that “Ur name will be irrelevant once u step back on the field bruh. Get ya picks up!” The Seahawks corner had been using the phrase “men lie, women lie, numbers don’t” to describe why he’s better than Revis for quite some time now, and yesterday’s Twitter spat was no different. Sherman hammered home the point that his stats from year two (8 ints, 3 ff & a sick) were “looking like Revis career stats”.

But wait, what’s that you say about QB’s not throwing to Revis’ side of the field?

Don’t worry, Sherman had a response to those allegations too, claiming that in Revis’ second year “they were throwing his way. I still doubled his picks”.

Revis put an end to this adorable tickle fight by stealing a phrase popularized by Ocho Cinco (“child please”), and advising Sherman to “not get ahead of yourself”. Darrelle then pointed out that he just helped Sherman gain 6,000 Twitter followers, before returning to his game of NBA 2k.

The Seahawks and Jets would have to meet in the Super Bowl next year for a chance to see these two players settle things on the field. But then again, Revis’ name has been floating around in trade talks of late, so maybe we’ll get to see these two quick-fingered corners put their money where their mouth is sooner rather than later.

Daniel Chiavetta is a contributor for TDdaily. Follow him on Twitter @Danye33.