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LeSean McCoy Q+A: Fly High


Considering the way Philly’s season ended—and how recently—LeSean McCoy was in good spirits on Thursday in New York City, in town for Nike Football’s unveiling of the Silver Speed Collection for Super Bowl XLVIII. We talk about the follies and the Knicks, Nets and his favorite NBA team, the Lakers, before he tells me he hopes to do some shopping in the Big Apple. He wasn’t kidding, apparently, since he tweeted the following a few hours later:

Shady deserves to spoil himself a bit. He finished the 2013 regular season as the NFL’s leading rusher, with 1,607 yards, and added over 500 yards receiving on top of that, with 11 total touchdowns and only one fumble all year. Chip Kelly’s high-flying Eagles offense has turned McCoy into one of the most feared running backs in the NFL. These days, it’s him or Adrian Peterson: Take your pick.

And he’s in the right place—Nike is introducing new gear to make football players even faster. Speed is the name of the game, and no one’s tougher to catch than Shady.

So while LeSean is disappointed about how the Eagles’ season came to a close, he’s equal parts excited for what’s to come, in 2014 and beyond. McCoy, who has a son that will turn two years old in April, took some time out after the official portion of the Nike event to talk about last week’s Wild Card loss to the Saints, his friendship with Michael Vick and Coach Kelly’s notorious practice playlist. Check it out:

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TDdaily: Now that you’ve had a week to think on it, was there one thing that went wrong last week in the Wild Card loss to the Saints? How do you look at that game?

LeSean McCoy: I think we had a great game plan, we just didn’t execute. We did well late in the game, but it was too late. We should have capitalized on the turnovers that we got, but we didn’t do that. If you don’t capitalize on turnovers, that’s the results—you lose.

TD: What was the mood like in the locker room after the game?

LM: It was tough. You battle so hard each day, and you have a long season, and the result you want is a championship. We fought to get to the playoffs, which was the first goal—get into the playoffs, get in there, and anything can happen. It just turns out that we didn’t get it done. Everybody was kind of bummed and mad.

TD: I know you’re tight with Michael Vick. What was it like watching him clean out his Eagles locker for maybe the last time?

LM: Just the idea of him maybe not being back next year is tough because he’s such a great guy and because of the friendship we have. My first year was his first year with the Eagles, and it’s been five years strong. That’s one of my good friends. We’ll always be friends no matter what, we’ll always be in contact. Hopefully he’s a Eagle, though, next year.

TD: But if he’s not, he can still be a starter in the league, right?

LM: Yeah. Oh my god, yeah. Still a baller, still gonna make plays. The key with him is just being healthy. That’s it. He can do everything else. This game is evolving to quarterbacks that run the ball, and can also throw the ball. And he’s the maker, the creator of that. He’s the originator, and I still think he has that at the end of the day.

TD: In his place, Nick Foles stepped in and really exceeded expectations this year. What do you expect from him going forward next year and the rest of his career?

LM: I think that Nick will definitely show his excellence. He’s been phenomenal lately. But it’s no surprise to the players that play with him. I think it’s more to everybody that didn’t know him, it’s a shock to them. But in years to come, I think he’ll put some stats up and he’ll still be successful.

TD: When Chip Kelly came in, people were skeptical. But you’ve got to be very happy going forward with the way this offense is tailored to your skills, right?

LM: Chip is a mastermind. He finds ways to get his players the ball in open space, and give us opportunities. He’s a great coach, and he’s a players’ coach.

TD: Were you surprised when he showed up to practice with his own playlist?

LM: Yeah. I’ve never seen a coach come in with a playlist and practice with it. But it’s the same as if you’re training, you train with your music on, it’s the same thing.

TD: He had Meek Mill on the playlist!

LM: He had from the country-est rapper to the gangster-est rapper. It’s pretty cool.

TD: On that note, what music are you listening to right now?

LM: I listen to a lot of Jay-Z. I’m an all-time favorite 50 Cent fan. Drake is hot. Meek Mill is doing his thing, holding it down for Philadelphia.

TD: Any trips planned for the offseason?

LM: I’ll probably take my family to the Pro Bowl in Hawaii. I’ll take my son probably to Disney World.

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