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GIVEAWAY: Win UA Cam Highlight Trainers


Yo! Want some free sneakers? We’ve got a pair, in your size, with your name on it—the dope Under Armour Cam Highlight Trainer Lows pictured above. All you gotta do is enter into the below give-away, and we’ll choose one reader at random (hopefully/probably/maybe you!) to win the kicks. Easy enough, no?

Here’s how you enter:

  • Follow @TDdaily on Twitter.
  • Follow @UnderArmour on Twitter.
  • Tell us in the comment section below why you should be the one to win these kicks—here at TD, we support the #wearyourkicks movement and wouldn’t want these beauties to chill forever in the back of some closet down in your spooky, dark basement. So what are your plans? Pick-up football? Training for summer hoops (or fall/winter’s football season)? Be specific.

We’ll select a winner at random and hit you up via e-mail (include your real info when you comment so we can reach out!) to get your size/address.

Best of luck!

  • gordonfan24ever

    Pick me because I want them

  • Brandon McFarland

    So I can run to get in shape for my wedding in June!

  • Raiko Annus

    I want these shoes, because I’m in desperate needs to get some good training shoes. I don’t have enough money to buy a pair of these shoes, so to get them would be great.

  • Mitchell

    I’d love a pair of these as an incentive to myself to start getting into better shape. I always try to get back on a running routine but then stop because of foot pain/discomfort. Having a nice pair of shoes to run in will definitely help keep me on track to getting into better shape!

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  • Jordan

    Well, I purchased my current workout shoes for $10 at Wal-Mart. Needless to say, these Cam Highlight Trainer’s would give me some REAL sneakers to train in.

  • Jory Osborne

    I need some new shoes for the gym.

  • ReddyPlan

    Man if I got these kicks, I could shed a few LBS. and work on those routes. Lead my team to a 4th championship trophy in our league. Despite the shoes I would be the one shining of the field. CHUCH!

  • Faysal Mohamed

    I should win because I wear my sneakers, train hard for aau basketball this summer as well as being an avid UA and Cam Newton fan. Thanks again..

  • Greg Barnes

    Reason is I just joined the gym and I amusing. Old shoes from. About 4 years ago and could use a new pair to kick off the new membership and the new me!

  • Kyle

    I have to get these shoes. I have to get my Cam Newton workout on. I have to beat the Play 60 kid in a punt, pass, and kick contest.

  • Dustin Mew

    Huge Cam fan. Ramping up conditioning, getting ready for summer hoops games. LOVE this Under Armour design!

  • ReddyP

    If I got the Cams, I would put them to major usage. Im talking shedding a few LBS and working on those deep routes and helping my team win a 4th championship trophy. Despite the kicks I would be the one shining on the field.

  • Julian Gonzalez

    Hi, I have always been a fan of Under Armour and have always wanted to try a pair of their sneakers. I follow all the events and promotions Under Armour has been doing for basketball in the last few years. However, I tore my Achilles’ Tendon back in January from playing basketball. I have not been able to walk or wear sneakers in a long time. I am starting therapy at the end of this month. The doctor says I will not be able to play sports until at least December. Receiving a pair of these beautiful sneakers would be a huge lift for me and would help me train hard through therapy. Because my excercise will limit me to walking, jogging and riding bike over the next several months, these Under Armour sneakers would be exactly what I need to get me healthy and back to where I want to be!

  • David

    I’m starting Crossfit and these Cam Highlight Trainer’s would be the perfect addition to my WOD!

  • Mike Medina

    I started Crossfit about a month ago and since I’m a big Under Armour fan, I want to see how the Highlight Trainers will respond and help me improve my performance. I’m down 18 lbs and I want to get it going and take it to the next level.

  • Todd Holder

    Im going to need these trainers so i can exercise and eat right and play for 60 minutes a day so that the Panthers can draft me number 1 and Cam will be my back up and ill become his mom’s favorite player…im just gettin ready!

  • Paul Austria

    I should be the one to win these because I, like you guys, am a big supporter of the #wearyourkicks campaign. I always get annoyed when someone buys shoes just to ice them for a long time or to just sell them when somebody who wasn’t able to get a pair is let down. I’ll probably wear these for basketball over the summer to get myself in shape. Hope I get picked!

  • Dan

    These are sneaakers you can wear everyday, whether for style or to workout. I have a lot of sneakers and I have been wanting to get a pair of the high version of these to just wear around. I think the design is eye-catching, and I could definitely wear these to play basketball of just to class.

    Great opportunity, thanks for doing this giveaway.

  • Ricky Buenrostro

    I plan to workout in these sweet shoes everyday and get back into summer shape an basketball shape after hurting my knee. I’m currently a college student who doesn’t receive much from financial aid and these shoes would be a great help for my goals in summer! #wearyourkicks

  • Jesse Estolas

    I should win because I need shoes! I need a pair of shoes that can do it all and these are perfect! They look cool so they can be worn out. I also need a shoe that can keep up with my activities such as pick-up games and running and these can! So hoping I get picked!

  • DeeJayNOLA

    I’ve been looking for some loud trainers to wear on my 10 mile bike rides across #NOLA 3 times a week. Great 4 pre-hoopin too

  • jay chau

    Thanks to Brandon Jennings, I’ve supported UA Basketball since day 1. My love for UA only grew much larger for all their products. With the Cam Highlights, I definitely will be rockin’ them with pride during my intensive workouts. I am not just a basketball player, I am an athlete!

  • Marcus Smith

    I’m getting ready to apply to become a deputy instead of remaining a dispatcher, and these shoes should give me a head start.

  • Chris William

    I need these to achieve my goal. I want to be able to dunk by the end of the summer. I’m almost there, but i know these would be the extra help i need to achieve success!

  • DrivinDave

    At 52, I need some motivation to get in shape. I think a good pair of kicks would do the trick.

  • Andy Day

    I’d def rock these for Rec League football! And just to style around town! These are sick!!!

  • jgawd

    Being a fitness motivator will allow me to focus of my training, motivate my friends and family to work hard and train. At the same time it will allow me to open their eyes to UA products and how comfortable Micro G is for a variety of sports. Keep up the good work UA!

  • Nick Nawrocki

    I work for UA and as a teammate I protect this house every day and represent the great culture that is Under Armour. These cam’s would never see the back of the closet if they were mine. Between working at Ua and training for pick up basketball, these cam highlight trainer lows would be put to good use.

  • Timothy Samuel

    Hello, well if I did wear these shoes it would be an honor and privilege to finally have a new pair of shoes to train with before I start my CIS aka university football down here in Canada, the ones I currently have have a small tear on the size an I don want to stress my mum about buying me a new pair she has enough problems to handle with and so on, so I would love to e the winner of these lovely shoes. I love Cam newton and everything that has to do wit under armour. Thank you for reading this. God bless

  • Deeago

    Would definitely Protect This House with my UA Cam Trainers!

  • Ilan Weitzman

    As a former Terp UA means more to me than sweet swag, it is an identifier. Paired with some Superman style these kicks would help me do some real damage.

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  • John Scipho

    I want these shoes mainly because I train. I do 2 a Days at least 3 times a week and probably hit the gym 8 times in a 5 day span. I’m still rocking some old Nike AirMax’s for the past 3 years or so and their about DONE! So I need new shoes to start going harder than I am now. Summer is right around the corner and me and my girlfriend are trying to push each other hard for our beach bodies. I’ve been wanting to try Under Armor for a while and I’m a big fan of Cam so this would be a perfect way to get new shoes and support a favorite player of mine. Thanks for chance!

  • Seth

    Spring is approaching and since my basketball kicks have worn out on me, I need a new pair for pickup games in the neighborhood. These are slick!

  • johnson c.

    I know my best friend who’s actually saving money at the moment to purchase these Cam Highlights. And he’s that type of workout aficionado; he lives by training everyday. Being the best friend of his, I am entering myself as the lucky dude who can surprise his best friend.

  • nglstyle

    My husbands football season is starting soon and he has been lifting and training everyday! He would love these cams! UnderArmour is our go-to football training gear! Go Rebels!

  • Zac Stagno

    When under armor wasn’t so popular I would wear them all the time basketball mostly and now the kids that told me they sucked are wearing them. It would be nice to have an pair like this to have, under armor is a nice shoe company.

  • Mark Loftus

    Honestly I would love to win those because I’ve finally decided to take my life back.I recently quit smoking and I am also overweight. I really want start working out,but I also recently lost my job and that’s adding extra stress. I could really use a new pair of sneakers to work out in and I honestly can’t afford a pair..It would mean allot to me to win these and would be a great sign of things to come in my weightloss goals..

  • D Jackson

    These shoes are awesome, I want them so I could sell them for more than they are worth. Pick me!

  • Anthony presti

    If I was to win these sneakers it would really really help me with my marithon training which I am in the process of doing. It would also really help me lose the weight also that I am trying to get off for my wedding over the summer!!! Also it would be the first time I have ever won a contest, well good luck to everyone!!

  • Jennifer

    I new a new pair of cross training shoes for the gym and for my adventures outdoors! I can’t stay inside for too long!

  • brent coc

    because we are true Newton fans here and I would like to get a pair for my son. love Panthers. @nastyboysclub99

  • Vasilis Mavroidis

    Ι΄d love a pair of these

  • Joe Edmiston

    I’m a Bucs fan. We can’t slow him down. I’d at least like to see how he feels in his shoes. I’d wear them to crossfit and try to get all kinds of cut up.

  • Berin Jackson

    A new pair of fresh kicks is just what i need. It’s about time to get back in shape.

  • Daud Ali

    I’d love me a pair of those shoes. Pretty dope design. They look you can go from running routes with them to wearing them while you are just chilling somewhere. I’d rock them all summer. Nice shoe, Under Armour.

  • Alberto Almanzar

    I train all year round and I am training for a basketball league that starts in a few weeks at the moment. These would definitely be used as soon as the sneakers of choice to wear on the court for me.

  • Drew G

    I play every sport under the sun and I’m tryin’ to take my training to the next level. I’d love to rock a pair of these unique looking Killa Cam’s.

  • Tristan Marineau

    I got the blue and black hightlight’s…absolutely love them. without a doubt they are the best feeling shoes I’ve ever put on. and I have jordans, nikes, air maxes and everything…these win, hands down. these lows are crazy looking and the colors are perfect, I would seriously love a pair.

  • Cjay

    I need these kicks because I go running/jogging, I workout, I play pick up football and basketball and lately I’ve been going to the batting cage trying to pick up baseball so it’s safe to say I need a pair or two.

  • Jaren McNeil

    I need these because I NEED to train to improve my performance as an athlete under armoire makes it so much easier by providing durable training shoe while still keeping it flexible and light. I Need these shoes to gain a physical edge on my opponents.

  • Anthony S

    If I had these shoes I’d tear it up in the gym. My old gym shoes are so worn out so I DEFINITELY need these!

  • Diesel Holder

    Im coming out of retirement for my Y basketball league…so i gotta start somewhere and what better place than to lace up some UA trainers and shed some Lbs and get my swole on, Im sure the chicks will dig them! true story

  • Brian Ivan Cusuanto

    I should be the one to win that kicks, because that shoes can be helpful for me. Jog, exercise, workout, running, and the others. And especially in Indonesia, still less who use even know well about Under Armour brand. thanks

  • Stefan

    Because these shoes are like diamonds to my feet. And living in macedonia makes you be so far away from these awesome products and swag. I wish I could be part of it once

  • JGoode

    I NEED a new pair of gym shoes. I just ran my old ones in to the ground. I’m a big UA fan (have the Micro G), and love the look of these. I solemnly swear that these shoes will not be in a box, or a bag or a closet. They will be goin’ ham in the gym, every day. #wearyourkicks

  • MajerskyM

    Because I would use them to actually work-out

  • Daniel

    Dope pair of shoes, and I could definitely use them to workout.

  • curtis206

    I’d take them on my training runs and stair climbs. Those are the ways I stay fit these days. When I hit the gym, they’ll definitely come with me too.

  • Adam Figman

    Comments are now closed—thanks to all who participated. Winner will be contacted.

  • Shemp DeYoung

    My son needs a new pair of training shoes. He’s pretty much beaten his current pair into the ground in Football.

  • ♡♥♬ Nephilim ♬♥♡

    following @TDdaily and @UnderArmour on twitter @left_the_stars
    those would be a fantastic gift for my husband who hasn’t upgraded his gear in a while, since the kids come first
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com