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Tracy McGrady Thinks The Jaguars Should Sign Him To Play Quarterback


While “dozens” of Jaguars fans showed up at the team’s facility Monday, at 3:16, for a Sign-Tim-Tebow rally, even though the entire team and its management was on the west coast after playing Oakland the day before, another man decided to throw his hat in the ring for the position of Jaguars’ QB. The now retired Tracy McGrady, who spent some time near the Jaguars while playing in Orlando, thinks he could help the semi-professional football team that currently plays in Jacksonville. And while he might/is likely joking, if he were just to take the snaps and not throw the ball, and as a result, not throw any INTs, he might actually be better than the horrendous Chaine Gabbe combo that the Jaguars are currently sending out there.