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Stevie Johnson Says No One On The Patriots Can Stop Him, Including Safety No Longer With Team


It probably would be a good idea to know who you’re trash talking before doing it, if for no other reason than it takes away the ability of old grumpy men to say things like, “Hey, know the team before you trash talk.” But we’ll admit, this isn’t a great look for Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson, especially given fact that some dude named Jeff Tuel may be the one throwing him the ball. From the The Buffalo News:

Stevie Johnson declared himself uncoverable in Sunday’s game against the New England Patriots. “I don’t think they got nobody that can stop me,” Johnson said this afternoon at One Bills Drive. “For real.” Johnson’s never at a loss for confidence. He has been successful against NFL’s best cornerbacks, particularly Darrelle Revis. Johnson and his fellow Bills receivers will face a talented group of cornerbacks in Aqib Talib, Alfonso Dennard and Kyle Arrington. “They’re athletic,” Johnson said. “I give a lot of credit to the New England Patriots. I haven’t played against Aqib Talib yet. I’ve checked him out on tape, long, athletic, try to play with vision. They play as one unit.” But then Johnson revealed his knowledge of the Patriots’ secondary probably isn’t as comprehensive as it should be. “I got a lot of respect for Chung,” Johnson said. “I know him personally.” Safety Pat Chung left the Patriots as a free agent. He’s now with the Philadelphia Eagles.