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Steve Smith Was Pulled Over By Police During A Radio Interview (AUDIO)


This is pretty funny. And also not funny at all. While doing a radio interview this afternoon with the Dan Le Batard Show on ESPN Radio, Steve Smith got pulled over by the police. You can listen to the interview here. The, um, interesting part: Smith, apparently, was not pulled over for being on his cellphone. Here’s what he had to say after putting the show on hold for about a minute—not exactly a long time—to talk to the cops:

Smith: When you don’t have nay warrants or prior arrests, it goes a long way.

Le Batard: Did you drop the Steve Smith Card.

Smith: No, my ID says that. My ID cleared as no priors.

Le Batard: What you get in trouble for, being on the cellphone?

Smith: Nah, you know, hey a brother driving a nice car…

UPDATE (Friday): We now have audio of this exchange, via YouTube: