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Packers’ James Jones On If NFL Needs To Protect Players: ‘That’s What My Helmet Is For’


Packers wide receiver James Jones had a big-time season, leading the NFL in receiving touchdowns with 14 for one of the league’s most explosive aerial attacks. That season earns him a stage to voice his opinions—or at least, for the media to ask him questions. And Jones has answers, some of which may not be what the NFL would like him to be saying. Like that he doesn’t think there need to be any more player safety measures implemented, because “that’s what my helmet is for.” That and more, from his appearance on NFL Network, via PFT:

The NFL is taking increasing steps to protect receivers from hits to the head, but Packers receiver James Jones says he’d rather do without. Jones said on NFL Network that if he had the power to change one thing about the league, it would be the elimination of the rule against helmet-to-helmet hits on receivers. “I think the helmet-to-helmet rule, where defenders have to hit at a certain target, I think they need to eliminate that,” Jones said. “I’d rather get hit in the helmet and shoulder than have a defender take my knees out.” Asked if he thinks he needs protection, Jones answered, “That’s what my helmet is for.” In Jones’s opinion, part of being a good defensive back is the ability to make opposing receivers fear going over the middle. Jones admitted that he feels that fear sometimes, but he said it’s unfair to the players in the secondary to change the rules to eliminate that fear.

  • Joe Kozlowski

    Interesting point about preferring to get hit high rather than low, but I doubt the NFL will like a player saying this