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NFLPA Looking Into Relationship Between CAA, Roc Nation Sports Agency


A high profile draft pick signed. A star receiver leaving his agent. Creating money-making opportunities, check. Not to say these were the motives behind Roc Nation Sports, but when you are a music conglomerate like Jay-Z  and then you opt to dabble in sports, some of these things just happen to fall in your lap. The launch of Roc Nation Sports received major attention for the bold move but now NFLPA is paying attention too. The NFLPA is looking into the relationship between Roc Nation and CAA Sports. In the past month, Giants WR Victor Cruz dropped his agent Malik Shareef for CAA and a few weeks later Roc Nation signed New York Jets Geno Smith to an NFLPA certified agent. Looks like Jay-Z has 99 problems and an investigation is one. More details, from SBJ:

The NFLPA has asked CAA Sports about its relationship with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Sports and how it relates to the representation of NFL players, said George Atallah, NFLPA assistant executive director for external affairs. The NFLPA has already completed an inquiry into what role, if any, Jay-Z played in restricted free agent wide receiver Victor Cruz firing his previous agent and hiring CAA Sports. “Our investigation into CAA Sports’ representation of Victor Cruz concluded that Jay-Z had no role in the selection of a CAA Sports agent to be his contract adviser,” Atallah said. Cruz is represented by CAA Sports NFL player agent Tom Condon for playing contract work. Atallah, in a telephone interview today, addressed recent speculation surrounding Roc Nation Sports, including its hiring of an NFLPA-certified agent and its signing of New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith, as well as other issues that have been raised in the media.“Of course we are aware of the new relationship between Roc Nation and CAA,” Atallah said. The NFLPA is also aware, he said, of Roc Nation Sports hiring Kim Miale, an NFLPA-certified agent who will be representing Smith in contract talks. “We will be reaching out to all of the parties involved to get a better understanding of the nature of those relationships,” Atallah said.