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Jimmy Haslam Approved To Be New Owner Of The Browns (UPDATE: Mike Holmgren Out)


The Cleveland Browns have a new owner. From the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Mary Kay Cabot:

The question now is what Haslam plans to do to turn things around for the franchise and whether he plans on restructuring the entire thing. If he does, what does that mean for Browns president Mike Holmgren, who reportedly did not accompany Haslam to the owners’ meeting. Interpet as you want. From the Cleveland Plain Dealer: 

Browns President Mike Holmgren has not accompanied Jimmy Haslam to the NFL owners’ meeting here, where Haslam will be approved today as new owner of the Browns, team spokesman Neal Gulkis said. Originally, Holmgren had planned to attend. Gulkis said he didn’t know why Holmgren decided not to come. Likewise, former Eagles President Joe Banner, who’s set to join Haslam in Cleveland once the transfer of ownership is complete,will not be here. Banner’s role with the team will be defined shortly after Haslam takes over, and Holmgren’s status could be determined at that time. Haslam said recently he didn’t plan to discuss personnel changes until after the season. Haslam was stopped briefly by reporters on his way into the hotel and said he was excited about the big day. He also said he wasn’t sure of the process. ”I’m a rookie,” he said. As for his new team, he said, “We’ve got a lot of work to do.”

UPDATE: We’ll it didn’t take long to get an answer on the Holmgren question.

UPDATE No.‘s Jason La Confra is reporting that Holmgren will retire after this season