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George Clooney To Ed Reed During The Oscars Red Carpet: ‘You Hurt Me Bad. I’m A Bengals Fan’


George Clooney is a Bengals fan?!? Danny Ocean, the man who is so cool he makes us all wish we had grey hair, like the Bengals??? A typical pathetic franchise like the Jets would be one thing. The Jets at least are interesting and fun. The Bengals, though, well they’re just so boring. Then again, that’s exactly why George Clooney is The Man; he still roots for the same bad football team that he rooted for growing up. Anyway, here’s the story from Sports, and if you want to see video of Ed Reed’s evening as Oscars Red Carpet Correspondent, you can click here.

Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed is used to delivering shots but on Sunday afternoon he took one from an unlikely figure: George Clooney.”Clooney said to me, “Hey, Reed, you hurt me bad — I’m a Bengals fan,’ Reed told Sunday night. “I told him, ‘Hey, man, they hurt themselves!’ But it’s awesome he’s a Bengals fan. I really enjoyed talking with him.” Of all the red-carpet reporters working in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon, only one was a sure-fire NFL Hall of Fame safety. Reed got his first taste of broadcasting — a profession he’s thinking about when he retires — as an Oscars correspondent for The Rich Eisen Podcast. He and Eisen producer Chris Brockman stood at the mouth of the Dolby Theatre in L.A.– sandwiched between a Chinese television station and a Spanish language network — and interviewed a ton of Hollywood A-listers including Clooney (alongside former Ravens cheerleader Stacy Keibler), Jennifer Hudson, Zoe Saldana, Chris Tucker, Kathryn Bigalow, and Naomie Harris. Reed’s interviews will be seen Wednesday at 9:30 p.m. ET when “The Rich Eisen Combine Special” airs on The NFL Network. (The audio portion of the special will post on on Wednesday afternoon.) Here’s a preview of Reed’s work. “Usually I’m the guy not doing interviews,” said Reed, when asked to analyze his work. “I’m focusing on my job. So to do something different was fun. I think I did all right.” How did the assignment come about? Eisen had Hines Ward work the red carpet last year and given the host thought the segment was a success, he wanted to repeat it. Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski was Eisen’s initial choice (“Who better to put in a tux and plop in the middle of the glitziest event in American pop culture than the Gronk?,” Eisen said) but Gronkowski pulled out last week, leaving Eisen and Brockman scrambling. Eisen said he had met Reed over the course of covering several Pro Bowls and liked him immensely. He offered him the gig and Reed accepted. “He’s an incredibly engaging, hilarious, normal person who just happens to also be a Hall of Fame athlete,” Eisen said. “It’s the Oscars, man, the Super Bowl of movies,” Reed said. “I’m a big movie fan and it was dream come true to be among stars in a different field.” As Oscar tradition warrants, Reed, decked out in a purple-tinted tuxedo, purple bow tie and black and purple shoes, asked Hudson and Saldana who they were wearing. He also made his way backstage (thanks to a Ravens-friendly security guard) and chatted up Jamie Foxx. “I also shook hands with Halle Berry,” Reed said. “I wanted to take a picture with her but she walked out so quick. Beautiful woman, man.” Reed said he might be interested in broadcasting after his NFL career ends but knows he needs “a lot of coaching.” Said Reed: “I think I would enjoy it. It’s just a question of how much time it would be away from my family.”

  • Joe Kozlowski

    Maybe he was practicing to join Ray Lewis in broadcasting