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Eli Manning Claims He Doesn’t Remember Why He Didn’t Want To Play For The Chargers


It’s been 10 years since Eli Manning went No. 1 in the draft to the Chargers, only to refuse to play for them and get traded to the Giants. But when Manning was recently asked why he didn’t want to play for San Diego, he claimed he “didn’t remember” why. Sure, buddy. From

Ten years later, what was the reason you were against it? 

“I forgot, I think.”

Obviously there was something, I mean, come on…

“I just can’t remember, it’s been 10 years. It slipped my mind.”

Was it about trying to maneuver to the right organization?

“Ten years ago, I don’t know. I can’t remember.”

There was a mystery that day, like some people said you wouldn’t even put the Chargers hat on when you were drafted.

“Did I put the hat on? No? I didn’t put the hat on?”


“I just, my hair was feeling good that day. I didn’t want to mess it up.”