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Calvin Johnson Played With 2 Broken Fingers Last Season


It’s no secret that Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson was operated without a full bill of health in 2012, but amid all his nagging injuries, there was no mention of his two broken fingers. You know—something that might make it tough to even catch the ball, let alone break the NFL record for receiving yards in a season. In fact, according to the Detroit News, Megatron has been since around  town with his hand still wrapped up. If there was ever any doubt that Johnson is a robot, well, here you go:

Lions coach Jim Schwartz would not officially confirm that receiver Calvin Johnson has three broken fingers on one hand, but he certainly didn’t deny it. “I am not going to comment on any of our players’ health,” he said. “But that’s not uncommon for a wide receiver.” Johnson, who played with at least two broken fingers most of the season and managed to break the NFL record for receiving yards in a season, has been seen around town with his hand wrapped. “We don’t have any injury reports this time of year,” Schwartz said. “And you know how I am about injuries.” Johnson is expected to be ready for OTAs and training camp.