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Buccaneers Player: ‘Can We Send These Coaches Back To College’


General Schiano, he of the a game isn’t over until the clock reads 0:00 strategy, might be wearing his players down. (Who saw that one coming?!?) After being dismantled in New Orleans 41-0 on Sunday and suffering their fourth straight loss, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers now find themselves in a similar position: Not in Playoff contention (the Bucs are now 6-8) and paying a coach who, at least some players, don’t seem to really like. From

With a style that made him a successful as a college head coach and no reluctance to send packing any veterans who were deemed to be unable or unwilling to accept his “toes on the line!” tendencies, coach Greg Schiano lifted the Bucs into contention via four straight wins. But 6-4 has since yielded to four straight losses, culminating in a 41-0 blowout loss in the Bayou, to the Bucs’ NFC South rivals. And the frustration is showing.  The incident between assistant coach Bryan Cox and linebacker Adam Hayward was public; privately, the grumbling has begun. “Can we send these coaches back to college?” one player privately said after the game. Schiano won’t be going back to college any time soon, and the fact that several of the assistants have NFL experience make them other than college coaches.  But the reality is that Schiano’s college-style approach to grown men will work only if the team wins.