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Andrew Luck INT Wasn’t Reversed Because Replay Official Didn’t See Conclusive Video


Can you imagine what would have happened had the replacement refs had made a call like this, and then refused to overturn after looking at the replay? Twitter would have exploded and ESPN would have had to cut out all of its Tim Tebow coverage. So what happened Sunday during the Titans-Colts game? How could such an obviously bad call not be overturned after being reviewed? From

Obvious and indisputable footage showed that Colts quarterback Andrew Luck’s knee was on the ground before he released a ball that hit Titans linebacker Will Witherspoon not very far above his.  Witherspoon secured the catch and ran the ball in for a touchdown. So why wasn’t the touchdown overturned via replay review?  NBC officiating consultant Jim Daopoulos explained during Monday’s edition of Pro Football Talkthat the replay assistant didn’t feed the conclusive video to the referee. It’s unclear whether the failure was the result of CBS not serving up the video to the replay assistant or the replay assistant not getting it to the referee.  However, CBS pumped the video through to the broadcast; it’s unlikely that the same angle wasn’t sent to the replay booth, for delivery to the portable replay apparatus at field level.