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Andre Johnson’s 48-Yard TD Reception Lifts Texans Over Jags in OT (VIDEO)


Crazy game this afternoon in Houston as the now 9-1 Texans were able to pull out a 43-37 overtime victory over the now 1-9 Jaguars. This game was also a fantasy football wet dream. Matt Schaub threw for 527 yards (second highest mark in NFL history) and had had five TD passes. Andre Johnson caught 14 balls for 273 yards, including the game winner in the video above. Chad Henne (yes, that Chad Henne) came in for Blaine Gabbert and threw for 354 yards and had four TD passes. Justin Blackmon had seven catches for 236 yards. The Texans became the first team in NFL history to score twice in overtime. Oh, the game was also two minutes away from being a tie.