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Watch A Lego Reenactment Of Jacoby Jones’ Super Bowl XLVII’s Touchdown Catch (VIDEO)


He may not have gotten the Super Bowl MVP award, but this might be a decent consolation prize for Jacoby Jones. Every kid growing up wishes they could have a lego replica of themselves. Now, courtesy of  SIkids, Jacoby Jones gets to live that dream. Also, putting this together was probably the greatest job an intern has ever had. From SIKids:

In one of the weirdest Super Bowls we’ve ever seen, there was no shortage of huge plays. One of the best happened in the second quarter. Baltimore Ravens Jacoby Jones dashed by a confused San Francisco49ers secondary to get wide open downfield. When Jones turned, caught the pass, fell backwards, then alertly popped up and scored, the 56-yard touchdown that put the Ravens up 21-3. Well, aside from the lights going out in the Superdome, we wanted to show you, our faithful readers, the best play of the game. It came down to a choice between Jacoby Jones and Jacoby Jones. We decided to go with his long catch instead of his scintillating kickoff return. A play like that was just begging to be reenacted by some toys. So we took the OYO Sportstoyscommemorative Super Bowl minifigures and created a stop-motion animation of that long Flacco toss. Admittedly, OYO doesn’t make their Lego-like figures for every single player, so we had to sub in 49ersreceiver Michael Crabtree at safety.

  • Abe Schwadron

    I like how Kaep and Crabtree were on defense. LOL.