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CONTEST: Win TD-Edition Nike KD VIs!


When NBA superstar Kevin Durant showed up in Manhattan a couple weekends ago to make a surprise appearance at the exclusive Nike Football Society flag football league, we were reminded that KD is in fact a huge football fan—and would have made a damn good player, too. Durant’s latest signature shoe, the Nike KD VI, dropped this summer, and in celebration, the good people at Nike hooked us up with a super exclusive TDdaily-edition colorway.

And now, it could be yours. For your chance to win the Nike KD VI “TDdaily” pictured above—in a size 9.5 only—here’s what you have to do:

  1. Follow @TDdaily on Twitter.
  2. Leave a comment below of fewer than 50 words that answers this question: If Kevin Durant played professional football, what position would he play and why?

That’s it. We’ll pick our favorite comment, and that’ll be our winner! Even if you don’t win, you can head over to NIKEiD and customize your own pair. We won’t be mad if you copy our fresh colorway, either. Good luck!

UPDATE: A winner has been contacted! Thanks to all who participated by posting a comment!


    He would have to play Punter. I know most people would probably suggest WR or QB but hear me out. Looking at his body type, he is WAY to fragile to play anything involving a lot of contact. This guy doesn’t even like driving to the rim often , preferring to settle for jump shots against less contact in the NBA, no way he would make it as anything other than a Kicker or Punter. I suggest Punter over kicker because there is less contact, plus his ability to turn a Fake Punt into a big play is available at this position. Kevin Durant, the “Pro Bowl” Punter! @IcySoleOnline on Twitter is my username

  • Kenny Ng

    If KD was to be a professional football player, he would play the TE position. With his speed and especially his length, he’d have no problem catching high passes and jumping over his smaller opponents.

  • Raza

    If Kevin Durant played football he’d play defensive end. Durant may not be the strongest but he’ll be as elusive as the best. He’d have a nasty spin move and could bat down more balls than probably JJ Watt. KD for DE! Username on twitter is @raazzzaaaa

  • vaughn

    Safety, Because The Durantula would weave an impenetrable web in the secondary, picking of every pass to be thrown into it!!

  • tyler roby

    Kevin Durant would be a tight end. Imagine a 5″10 defensiveback trying to check KD in the red zone. Or watching him blow by a linebacker in the open field. Kevin Durant would be jimmy graham 2.0 username on twitter is @tyler_roby10

  • Silky Johnson

    KD would play wideout in my mind. The size and speed plus his immense catch range would reak havoc on corners in the league! And I already follow you guys on Twitter! @TonyMcFee

  • Dominic Villanueva

    If KD played football he’d play the Running Back. He has all the qualities of an ideal Running Back. Let me explain:

    1. Speed – KD has the speed to hit the gap, get away from the tacklers, and get out of trouble. Just like what he’s doin in the NBA today, KD is tough to defend because of his speed. Imagine KD running the football with his long legs and speed, no one could touch nor tackle him.

    2. Agility – We all see that KD has the agility to do crossovers, spin moves and all those stuff just to get away from his defender in basketball. Putting it in to football, It’s good to have agility to make the crucial spin move or juke that can make a 5-yard play or a 40-yard play. One move can make the difference of a first down, and a touchdown. Just like how KD does it in crunch time.

    and lastly.. 3. Power – KD may be thin but everyone got to admit that he has the power. KD isn’t just long and thin, he has some serious power in his engine. We can see it how he plays when he plays ball, when he drives to score a layup or dunk whether in fast break or in traffic. It only shows that he can break away from tacklers by stiff-arms or just mowing them down.

    To make this short, KD is a complete package for the Running Back position. He just got it all. Many people would say he’s thin for the running back, but don’t count out his speed, agility and power.

    Username on twitter is: @domvillanueva

  • FJKings

    He would be a Wide Receiver without a doubt. His wing span and height would make it a nightmare for the secondary, since the QB would just toss it up in the air a la Megatron.

  • niQ

    KD would be TE easy! He’d catch everything over everyone!

  • Kyle Huckelberry

    KD would be a QB. WR is too obvious. Vision and accuracy at QB would make him lethal!

  • nyjumpman23

    KD Would most likely be Cornerback or Wide-Receiever. His length allows him to stride down the feel with fearless-ness & finesse

  • @DrivinDave

    wide receiver because he is and can fly !!

  • sunny

    KD would be a Kicker. Just cos he can. And he would elevate the kicker game to a whole new level.

  • Minimamba11

    QB! He’s got the height to look over the offensive line and he could gun it easily with his insane wingspan! Also, definitely enough speed to run it

  • Mazaradii

    KD would play WR , He’d be like calvin johnson we seen him play flag football we know he can atleast catch and a WR over 6’8 is pretty much unguardable too small body wise to be a TE DurHANDtula

  • juan

    well KD should play as a TE because he can jump high and catch everything out of nowhere and over everyone…anyway nice colourway on these kd

  • Nickel

    If he can kick I could see kicker. that would be funny as hell. Or a WR if he got sprinter fast and could cut and what not…any ways i want the shoes!

  • Paul Austria

    KD should play cornerback, mainly because he can undercut any receiver’s route, forcing the QB to throw over him, along with the fact that he has a safety or two to back him up. Would definitely be a huge matchup problem for anyone

  • Bryce Edwards

    Kevin Durant would be a Wide Reciver due to his great hands wingspan, and length to catch over Corners and Safetys. He wouldn’t be a Tight End because he dosent have the body for that position.

  • Nathaniel

    Durant would play CB. His quickness and athleticism would serve him well there. He would have to put on weight which could slow him down if he played WR.

  • Mike Gilbert

    If Kevin Durant played football, clearly he would play defense line. I’m picturing the Durantula in his 8-point stance right now….He does NOT look nice!!!

  • @Dub_Gsre

    Durant would be a WR. With his speed, size and jumping ability he’d be unstoppable. We know he got hands via the alley oops. We know he aint scared to get hit via driving through traffic.

  • Clinton Cornish II

    Kevin Durant would play two positions, Quarterback and wire receiver. He was would a healthier and taller Andre Jonson/RGIII/Cam with basketball reflexes. Do you vision that maddess???

  • Ant Lewis

    KD would be a kicker! Size 18s and his long legs would have teams starting from the 20 all day & he would be clutch for long distance FGs. With his speed/length, he would be a great option for FG fakes too.

  • Max

    KD at QB. Here’s why: He’s the ultimate, triple-threat signal caller. He has height
    to see over & read defenses for deep throws. His length can be used to elude incoming defenders. A long gait can also lead to big gains. He’s a Colin Kaepernick clone, but more imposing.

  • Zack Morris

    If Kevin Durant played
    professional football, his position would be Quarterback. Durant is 6 feet 9
    inches tall so he easily towering over his offensive line which makes it easy
    for him to see where his receivers are on the field. Plus Durant is a great
    playmaker in the NBA.

  • Eric

    He would play wide reciever because he is tall and can catch everything

  • ǝpןɐɹɹnʇʎ uıqoɹ

    Wide reciever. tall, runs fast, jumps high. easy for the qb to find him.

  • Chris MacDonald

    KD would play QB. His height gives him great vision to make a pass over his offensive line.

  • jmizzo

    KD should play WR, great hands and just throw it up and he will get it.

  • Edmund

    Probably wide receiver. He’d be the tallest receiver of all time, athletic enough to take on most corner backs, and even the worst qb would look great throwing to him. He’s also too skinny to play anything else and his court vision isn’t good enough to translate to quarterback

  • JDOGG80

    I could see Kevin Durant playing free safety (after putting on a couple more pounds). With his length, field vision, leaping ability and predictability where the QB will throw too he would be a nightmare to pass on. Plus I see some nasty junk yard dog in KD where he would lay the hammer on some unsuspecting fools over the middle!

  • Chico Dusty

    KD would play Ass Back, because if I ever saw him on the football field I’d tell him to get his ass back on the basketball court, he’s not built for football. Now gimme these shoes.

  • Sy


  • Sy

    As a TE, Durant’s height would make it tough for defenders to compete with jump balls, and his court vision, quickness and athleticism would create matchup problems, as he’s capable of creating separation against anyone. Lastly, his soft hands and long wingspan make him a vacuum for catches.

  • Eric

    Most likely wide receiver. KD is fast and he also has a huuuugggee wingspan.. His wingspan would help him greatly to reach above DBs and to also be very clutch in fourth quarter moments.

  • Aamir Khuller

    If KD played football he could play WR, he’s taller than any WR in the game, and his speed and athleticism would make him a tough cover for any DB. However, I’m not sure how long his body could deal with the punishment of getting hit that much…

  • Rob Stewart

    “trick kicker”. He could be to kickers what Tebow is to QB’s. He could kick a few FG’s in for 3 (his specialty), and run great fake kick options as his athleticism allows him to run,pitch, and throw. I’d love to see his goal post dunks

  • Ethan Aldrich

    tight end, if he became bigger. His size and height would make him another grownkowski lol.

  • Cole

    KD would be a great safety because of his height, length, speed, and instincts. Imagine trying to throw a deep pass over his long arms! His speed would allow him to get across the field and make huge tackles.

  • KDtrey5

    Wide Receiver because he is tall, athletic, has good hands, fast, and he can jump. Defensive wise probally a Safety cause he can run down his defender

  • Brandon

    KD would be a wide receiver. He has all the tools to be one of the better ones in the league. He has speed to get by defensive backs and it wouldn’t even be a match when it comes to jump balls in the end zone.

  • Wyatt Halliday

    Safety not only because he has long limbs and good hands but because he has tremendous vision and could see plays develop and spot open receivers. his size would also alllow him to shut down the best WRs

  • Jordan Biagomala

    I think he’d be an awesome Running back with explosive speed and quick jukes.

  • Marcus Harris

    Quarterback, because he is tall so he could see the whole field, he performs well under pressure, has good athleticism for his size, and plus he looked good playing QB flag football game against Lebron.

  • J.Minor

    Picture this KD as cornerback. The Primetime of this generation. Just like “Neon Deion” every interception would go to the house for a touchdown! KD loves the challenge of the 1-on-1 matchup and just like basketball he’ll torch anyone during Primetime!


    Quarterback….first he is a great leader and QB would be an ideal position for his leadership abilities..second he is tall and would be able to see over the line to make accurate passes with his long arms….3rd he is quick and illusive so he’d be able to leave the pocket, make some defenders miss, and be able to run the ball effectively down the field making him a dual-threat qb…he would be very useful as a qb in the wildcat formation where he could also act as a WR and show off his hands/vertical.

  • doble0seven

    Water Boy because water doesn’t suck

  • sunny

    Tight End. Have you heard of Jimmy Graham or Julius Thomas? These TEs know how to shoot hoops. People will be clamoring for KD in Round 1 of any fantasy league as a TE1.

  • Kristopher Santos

    He can be a wide receiver because of his height and wingspan, He’s also fast and can jump high.

  • Nathanael Hector

    Quarterback because the fact that he’s is so tall he can see the field better ,and his long arms ,he can probably throw the football pretty long

  • Neal Awayan

    safety. the durantula likes to stalk its prey/receivers.

  • Pok Chow

    KD is really long and lengthy, good hands, quick, has great vision and on field awareness. He’s perfect for a wide receiver!

  • Jmm122012

    KD would play any position he wanted to because he has a strong work ethic and a drive that allows him to achieve anything he works for.

  • Nosajen

    He could be a great WR he is tall, fast and so athletic that it will really hard for the defense to catch up with him and he can also jump receiving those hail mary passes with no problem at all. For defense he could be a great Safety loosing his defenders easily.

  • Cliff

    WideReceiver because hes 6 foot 9,with a 7 foot 4 wingspan, athletic freak(no
    diss), has huge hands will catch every pass, scary fast, 33.5 vertical, he
    catching everything. Defence he’d be a cornerback, leading the league in

  • curtis206

    Wide receiver. Long arms and vertical will help him out jump DBs.

  • Cjay

    Quarterback, besides the fact that he is a born leader he is an underrated passer that has the clutch gene that QBs have to possess & he recognizes how to attack defenses. He could go in motion in a wildcat in the redzone and catch any jump ball. @great18

  • Wyatt Halliday

    who won?

  • J michael

    @jmoneytheonly: @TDdaily If Kevin Durant played pro football I would think he would play QB only bc of how tall he is and he has good aim to make passes

  • Dominic Villanueva

    who won?

  • lisanu gebre

    @lisanu f,k33236 @TDdaily if KD play football i think he should play QB because he got good nd long arms nd he got that tall lag nd he can make that run